Portland Youth Football - Building Character Encouraging Leadership. Our ultimate goal is to provide our players with the football skills, fundamentals and experiences to help them compete successfully and secure position placement on a local high school

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Adobe PDF file *Meet the Coaches* Annual Team Meeting *-  Prior to the start of each season, we hold a "Meet the Coaches/Meet the Players" kick off event at Payson Park. Typically the day before the first practice, the event lasts about 30-45 minutes and gives coaches a chance to meet their players and parents, and vice-versa. This document gives you some ideas about what to discuss in your team meeting.

Microsoft Excel file 2015 Trainers Schedule *-  This document shows all games' coverage by Trainers. We are utilizing the following personnel for AT’s: Sydney Harrington sydney1489@gmail.com Adam Pynenberg APynenburg@orthoassociates.com Dawn Bowden dawn.bowden@msad60.org Arin Auger arin.auger@gmail.com Possibly Kaitlin Crockett (awaiting the state to process paperwork and have state license in hand) kcrockett4@gmail.com

Microsoft Excel file A Coaches Guide: Flag Football: www.nflflag.com/resources/index/ *-  Cut and paste this website into your browser to learn more about Flag Football Coaching Tips and Guidelines. Be sure to also reference the Rules and Regulations of NFL/PYFL Flag Football, and our Coaches Guide to Coaching Youth Sports, below. More information soon to follow on practice plans and suggestions for drills to run during practice!

Adobe PDF file A Coaches Guide: Football Fundamentals and Position Techniques *-  This slide show by Bates College Head Coach Mark Harriman (2012 NESCAC D3 Coach of The Year) presents the basic aspects of coaching and playing football. Please also visit our Video Library for a cache of drills to run during practice.

Adobe PDF file A Coach's Guide: PYFL Website--Instructions For Use *-  How to navigate our website and use some of the tools it offers, in particular scheduling and mass-emailing your team's parents and players.

Adobe PDF file A Coach's Guide: Coaching Youth Football *-  This presentation is your go-to resource for all things PYFL: from Blocking and Tackling, Warming Up, Huddling, Hole Numbering System, Defensive Huddle and 3-4 Defense. It also covers Offensive Line, Defensive Stance and coaching your skill positions (Running Backs, Quarterbacks, and Receivers). A superb review for even the most tenured coach. Please also visit our Video Library for a cache of drills to run during practice.

Adobe PDF file A Coach's Guide: Coaching Youth Sports *-  A general guide for coaching youth sports; a great brush up for veteran coaches, and an excellent resource and must-have for those volunteers who have never coached (especially Chapters 3-13). Well worth the read.

Adobe PDF file A Coach's Guide: Offensive Formations *-  Although coaches are required to run the Portland Middle School play book, at least to some extent, here is some information on different Offensive Formations and Systems from which to design your own play strategy.

Adobe PDF file Coaching Kids with Disabilities *-  Disabilities come in all different forms. All youngsters on your team, regardless of ability, should be fully included in the season.

Adobe PDF file Code of Conduct: Athlete *-  If athlete did not register online, this form is to be signed by all athletes (players and cheerleaders) and returned to PYFL President prior to the second practice.

Adobe PDF file Code of Conduct: Coaches *-  This form must be read, acknowledged, and signed by all PYFL coaches (including assistants), and submitted to PYFL President prior to the first practice. In addition to abiding by this Code of Conduct, all coaches are required to pass a background check, performed by the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI).

Adobe PDF file Code of Conduct: Parent/Guardian *-  If player did not register online, this form must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to PYFL President before second practice. It is important that coaches, parents and guardians are on the same page at the beginning of the season, and that basic expectations for behavior and support are set. A general review and quick synopsis at the annual Meet the Coaches meeting is a great time to establish these expectations.

Microsoft Word file Injury Report *-  Please use this form to document any and all injuries sustained by PYFL players in any game, practice or PYFL sponsored event. Once filled out, please submit to PYFL Player Agent for documentation.

Adobe PDF file Rules and Regulations: Maine Sportsmanship League Game Rules *-  This document outlines the rules of playing PYFL Football in MSL (2nd thru 6th Grade).

Adobe PDF file Rules and Regulations: NFL/PYFL Flag Football Rules *-  This document reviews all the rules for PYFL Flag Football (K-1st Grade), as presented by our affiliation with the NFL Flag Football league.

Adobe PDF file Rules and Regulations: SMYFL Middle School Football Rules *-  This document outlines the rules of playing PYFL Middle School Football (7th and 8th Grade).

Adobe PDF file Rules and Regulations: Turf Field Rules and Guidlelines *-  The league pays top dollar to rent the facilities we play on (Fitzpatrick Stadium and Deering Memorial Field). Please familiarize yourself with the rules for these fields and make sure that all assistant coaches & players adhere to them.

Adobe PDF file Safety: ImPACT Best Practice *-  Concussion Management Model for Schools and Teams. 5 Steps. Preseason Baseline Testing through Return to Play.

Adobe PDF file Safety: Concussion Assessment and Action Plan *-  PYFL coaches are asked to review and print this document provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Provided in PDF format, this Fact Sheet for Coaches provides important information on concussion, its symptoms, prevention, and an action plan should you think a player has a concussion. Print this out & keep in your Game Day Clipboard.

Adobe PDF file Safety: Concussion Management and Return to Play Protocol *-  This document, adopted by PPS, outlines our Concussion Awareness protocol, which lies in coherence with the National Athletic Trainers Association. Bottom line: a Dr.'s note, clearing the athlete to return to play, is required if a concussion has been diagnosed. Our By-Laws also address Concussion Graduated Return to Play Protocol (Section 10). Additionally, all Head Coaches are required to attend a Concussion Management Awareness seminar, prior to each season, held by PYFL and Dr. Kevin Bardwell.

Adobe PDF file Safety: Helmet Reconditioning *-  A guide to keeping your athlete's most important piece of equipment in top-notch condition. The reconditioning process cleans, sanitizes, inspects, and re-certifies your player's helmet. Many manufacturers require that they themselves recondition their helmets, so be sure to check with your particular helmet's manufacturer first. You'll want to find a NAERA certified helmet reconditioner. Play It Again Sports no longer reconditions (or sells) football safety helmets.

Adobe PDF file Safety: Lightning Safety Tips *-  Although we play football in most types of weather, including rain and snow, it is the policy of PYFL to discontinue play in the event of thunder or lightning, for a period of 30 minutes. If thunder is heard or lightning displayed, play will be discontinued immediately, and shelter sought, until game officials and/or coaches deem conditions safe.

Adobe PDF file Safety: Minimizing Injuries on the Football Field *-  Although some of this information is geared toward the older athlete, included is a great deal of information to help you minimize injuries to your players.

Adobe PDF file Safety: Nutrition and Hydration *-  A guide to keeping your athlete honed for success.

Adobe PDF file Safety: Protecting Against Abuse *-  Child abuse – in its many forms – can occur anywhere and at any time, and youth sports programs certainly aren't immune. So it's one of PYFL's top priorities to make sure that our youth sports environment is a safe haven – a place where all children can fully enjoy their participation while being free from all forms of abuse. This is a guide to help protect our PYFL athletes.

Adobe PDF file Sample Practice Drills *-  A few examples of different drills you can run in practice. For a much broader spectrum, please refer to our Video Library.

Adobe PDF file Sample Practice Schedule On 1st Day *-  For new coaches, an example of a first day practice agenda on the very first day of the season.

Adobe PDF file Sample Practice Schedule on 4th Day *-  For new coaches, an example of a 4th day practice agenda near the beginning of the season.

Adobe PDF file Sample Practice Schedule One Month In *-  For new coaches, an example of a practice agenda roughly one month into the season.

*Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.